Integrated Library Management System and Institutional Repository.

Excellent Features

For Schools, Colleges, Research Institutes, Universities and Public Libraries, Our features suit you perfectly

It manages Ordering, Acquisition and Accessioning, Vendors and Donors, Vendor Catalog and Correspondences, etc.
Allows Remote and Original Cataloging, Digital File integration, Item Classes, Item Copy management, Serial Subscriptions, the OPAC, etc
It manages Patrons and Registrations, Reservations, Virtual Shelf, Self Service Check Out by patrons, Check In, etc.
It allows User Submission workflow, QA, OPAC Integration, Item Request & Approval, etc..

Useful Benefits

Library Everywhere

Allows you Library to be accessed everywhere in the world, making you a global brand.

Easy Management

All modules are easy to use. Readable makes managing of your library cheap and efficient by integrating all your departments into one system.

Cloud Platform

Give your Library access to an almost unlimited amount of resources in our cloud

Self Service

Users can download your approved content and initiate check out items themselves.

Multi Location Libraries

Connect your Libraries in different locations into one system, allowing users seamless access to your resources.

Customer Happiness

We are only happy when our customers are. We do all on our part to make sure your Library is nothing short of the best


Affordable Packages

Basic Plan

NGN100000Per Year

  • Acquisitions
  • Vendor
  • OPAC
  • Cataloging
  • Serials
  • Admin
  • Unlimited Staff & Patrons
  • 5GBFile Storage
  • 24/7Customer Service
15 Days free Trial

Pro Plan

NGN 150000Per Year

  • Basic Planplus
  • Circulation
  • Patron
  • 3200+ Books
  • 3800+ Videos
  • 15GBFile Storage
  • 24/7Customer Service
15 Days free Trial

Enterprise Plan

NGN250000Per Year

  • Pro Planplus
  • 50GBFile Storage
  • Institutional Repository
  • 24/7Customer Service
15 Days free Trial
* Free Plan (offers admin and acquisitions) only - Free Forever

We Offer Other Support Services


We train libraries to use the READABLE or ALAS Software effectively

Data Migration

If you feel stuck with your old system, we are available to help recover your data and get you started again


We help libraries preserve their assets in high quality digital and searchable files